The Technology That Makes a Singapore Live Casino Work

The previous year has been a difficult one for by far most of businesses. But for a few businesses, it has brought unprecedented opportunities. The internet based casino sector is a case in point is a good example. Long before anyone heard the word “lockdown” uttered outside prison walls, these platforms were gathering momentum. But when their land-based rivals were forced to close their doors and the world’s players were left sitting at home staring at their phones, the number of visitors reached the stratosphere.

A more authentic experience 

The main hurdle for online casinos has been that the experience of watching virtual roulette wheel or playing cards on a screen is not as compelling as the real thing. The advent of Singapore live casino games has greatly reduced the gap between the real world and the virtual world. The live game employs interaction between real dealers and real people. The present platforms offer live forms of the traditional table games like roulette, poker, sic bo, blackjack and baccarat. Fans of Enjoy11 casino can even play live dealer casino games from the most renowned game providers such as Ezugi, Evolution, SA Gaming, etc.

Technology driving innovation

Using cutting-edge streaming technology, the Singapore live casino has been specially developed to provide the best realistic experience. Let’s take a gander at a couple of aspects:

OCR software – optical character recognition is right now receiving widespread attention in areas, for example, data processing in the medical or protection fields. However, it is now an established part of Singapore live casino technology, used to track numbers on the reels of roulette, symbols on cards, and so on. This means that information can be collected and winners announced immediately.

More powerful cameras – feeling like you are essential for the action requires more than just a single shot of the croupier with a pack of cards. The best live games feature numerous cameras, use small but powerful devices that allows you to observe the action from different perspectives — it’s the next best thing to sitting at a game table and observing your surroundings.

Game Control Unit – this is the thing that connects everything together. Every table has a Game Control Unit that takes care of the encoding process, ensuring that your live stream is delivered with lag-free and available in optimum clarity. 

Studio monitor – the setting of Singapore live casino must offer two-way interaction. Dealers can speak to you through a microphone, yet to reply, you’ll need to type in a chat box. Your messages are shown on a screen within the dealer’s view so you can have some interesting interactions, just like the night you spend on the Las Vegas Strip!

The Bottom Line

Let’s not forget that what really makes the Singapore live casino experience different is the more natural technology. The human factor is the key to everything. Live dealers are trained in completely the same way as people working in land-based casinos. This proves that, just in case we need it, technology hasn’t made us all totally obsolete.